Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Was a Blast, and We are Looking Forward to 2014!

AhD and I had a wonderful 2013 together.  Since it's below zero here and that time of year when darkness abounds in the northeast, I thought I'd look back through my stash of pictures to review some of the high points of 2013.

There were a lot of them, most of which I have already shared with you throughout this year.
In January, we were off on a start of ground driving again, in hopes of eventually hitching up and driving.  By August, we had (just barely!) reached our tentative goal,

..but, yes!!!!! - WE DID IT!

We also were blessed to be able to ride together with so many of our friends (human and equine) and even made some new friends.
International friends, even! And, AhD temporarily had a new pasture mate in Nike.
We enjoyed an amazing day on the beach.
Brisk (very brisk! - weather and pony-wise) snow rides,
shade-seeking summer woods rides,
and spectacular fall rides.
When I think back on 2013, what stands out in my mind is that most of our riding is now done in the company of friends, and I absolutely love that.  AhD prefers company as well.  2013 was probably our best year together yet, and I look forward to more of the same in 2014 and perhaps even trying something new to us.
I just love my RAC friends, and I want to especially thank Denise Conroy for making it all happen.
HAPPY TRAILS IN 2014! with love from Susan and "Didder" in Maine


  1. Ah the Dynamic Duo! You and Didder are such a fantastic team! Yet another "made for each other" pair. Boy it is true, you sure did accomplish a lot this year! Can't wait to hear more from the Maine Tour Guides! : )

  2. Oh Susan Happy New Year to all, and Donna is so right you two make a fantastic pair,,, Your rides alwaysput a smile on my face,,, Lord help us if you and Donna ever get together

  3. Haha Harold! We WILL get together! I am determined. The new highway in Quebec puts Susan and I less than 5 hours apart! It is just a matter of time!

  4. THANK YOU Susan for your loyalty in posting! I always enjoy hearing from you and seeing your handsome boy! I am so glad you have found friends to ride with and did so much this past year. You and Ahd are an inspiring team...proof that with hard work, you can overcome! Kudos and Happy New Year!!!


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