Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas to all !!!

Hello fellow RAC'ers and friends worldwide. Earlier this year we had some Christmas card worthy snow, time to try out the simple Santa suit  I made for Legacy.  Legacy and I had a blast playing in the snow...she is such a good girl!
I have been continuing lessons with my dressage coach.   We are now training at First Level......our last lesson was leg yield from the ground,  that we will use to progress to leg yield in the carriage. Though I have volumes more to learn, I can hardly wait to "put it all together and show it off!" 

Janeen,  you have been on my mind lately...I really want to send my best wishes for healing quickly...I broke several fingers as a kid, trying to teach a horse to lunge....I can relate how much of a hassle it is!

and in closing......RAC is an awesome group of folks..I love reading about everyone's progress and adventures...thanks to Denise for creating this unique, positive, rewarding program!  and Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night ;-0


  1. Thank you, Linda! My wrist is healing well and I'm expecting the cast off on New Year's Eve! I love your Santa suit and how Legacy is jumping for joy for Christmas!

    1. Yeah !!! casts are such a bother!!! glad to hear you are healing up good.

  2. Lovely pictures as always, Linda! I'm so glad you joined the RAC this year. I have enjoyed reading your posts detailing trials and tributions - but mostly successes! - in hitching up and journeying towards Driven Dressage. Best of luck in your future driving endeavors.

  3. Thank you for posting your BEAUTIFUL pictures Linda!!! What accomplishments for you and Legacy! You are a great team and I always enjoy hearing about your next endeavor. Happy New Year and hope you had an amazing Christmas!!


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