Monday, December 2, 2013

Going Postal....

I took a break from decking the halls at home and decided to take Linus for another snowy adventure. My saddle was accessible and I still debated whether to use it or not and then remembered I have a new winter seat warmer thingy to try! Oh what a treat it was!! I cannot believe I ever did winter riding without one! Man was my butt warm! It felt as warm as riding bareback! And I didn't try out the chaps Harold, they still have garland and lights attached in case we decided to do another parade. I had to take garland and lights off my breast collar to use it! I needed to adjust the buckles otherwise I would have preferred to just leave it! As you can see it's snowing just a touch! Was a perfect day to squeeze a ride in!

While we were out on the road Julia, who I actually work with at the post office, was coming up the road and she stopped for a quick chat. Linus walked right up and stuck his nose in the window. I tried but wasn't fast enough to get that in a picture! 

Linus is wondering if he can be the Pony Express!

Nice combover Linus!

We had a nice trot up the road back towards home and I rode him right to the front steps of the house so I could leave his saddle there ready to go back downstairs. On our way back over to his paddock Allie was putting on quite a performance. That is what Linus is looking at in this picture. He was so good not to get wound up along with her! He just kept his head low and walked at my shoulder, sucking up maybe and trying to show me that yesterday's "youthful moment" was a one-off accident? Speaking of which, today when I went in with his grain he stayed well back like a good boy so he definitely knows he was out of line! Lesson learned and no harm done so all good in my books! 

Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. That seat warmer looks comfortable and warm! I'm glad Linus learned his lesson. Just when we think they grew up, they remind us that they're still teenagers!

  2. Haha! Boy is that true Janeen! He knew I was singing his praises on here and just had to remind me he is still a juvenile!

  3. He has such a curious mind. Glad he recovered from his attitude slip-up and that you are ok.

  4. Ohboy Cowgirl Donna, what a ride you must have had,,,, I have had a sheepskin cover for many years, when I don't use it on my saddle I use it on my motorcycle, but on the saddle it is warm in the winter and keeps you from sweating and chaffing in the summer... same on my bike, Have I ever told you you have an awesome horse ??? we got eight inches of snow today, looking for below zero temps later in the week, have fun stay safe and great pictures again,


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