Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Real Drag!

So, Sometimes I wonder how I can get all my 'critters' out at the same time... Two kids, 5 dogs, 2 horses.... Last night 1 horse missed out :-( But Sunny got to practice a very valuable skill! The DRAG! hehehhe WE have started him in harness and line driving and we have done some shave pressure but have slowed down the last few weeks (aka, haven'
Sorry about the picture placement... I guess I messed it up... but here they are.. in the middle of the story ;-)
Sunny dragging just Rose, Russell waiting to go on...
Both kids on
Rose is now riding and Russell is sliding
Kind of a double picture but cute that Sunny is checking the rear view ;-)
Russell super-man style
Rose much happier.. away from the crazy brother!
t done anymore! hehehhe) but we have been busy doing other things... I wrote about our Extreme Cowboy adventure and in that sport, there is often a Drag exercise. I have done it before but he was better with the item on his left than on his right. So there was work to be done there. But I have to admit... this is also something that has not been practiced regularly... (aka.. not at all!)hehehhe So, last night I thought.... hmmmm Vaulting surcingle (read... way easier to put on than the whole darn harness!) and I can tie the kids tobogann to the harness and the kids can ride while I walk the horse and the dogs go for a run.... At dusk... hehehhe So the pictures aren't that great. Started off with an empty sled in my hand.. of course, just to make sure Sunny is OKAY with it following him. Then... attached it to him empty... okay... next, put the lightest kid in... OKAY... then add heavier kid... YAHOO! Kids had a blast.. thought it was super fun... then falling off (on purpose.. because kids love to do that right...)... Then.. the girl.. tired of being yanked off the sled by older brother who still thinks it's funny the 4th time... Decides she would rather ride. My son goes 'super man' style on the sled and laughs all the way home! Good times!!!!!! And a 'real drag' for Sunny! (who was of course perfect because he's a super-curly!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))
And 5 amazing Portuguese Water dogs scouting the woods for us!  No big foot here!

Cyndi, Sunny, Russell, Rose, Tiago, Grace, Alma, Cherry and Dizzy in Eastern Ontario!


  1. Wow what a hoot Cyndi! Such a fun way to make the most of winter! I've done this with Linus too and its always a big hit! These Curlies are like overgrown family dogs aren't they?! But even better!! Have a great weekend! : )

  2. Entertaining blog! Sunny seems like he is up for just about anything. What a nice horse!