Monday, December 23, 2013

Stormy Days!

We've had a wide array of crappy and nasty weather here over the last few days. Actually I think pretty much the majority of the North American RAC members probably have! With digging out, de-icing, digging out, feeding, digging out, watering, salting, digging out and shoveling there wasn't a whole lot of time left for horseplay! Today, I was able to make some time!

We weren't able to do too much because the snow is now too deep to ride in and partway through it there is a touch crust which doesn't make it fun! However, with all of the new and very firm snowbanks I have loads of placing to use for bareback mounting! Love that! 
Linus thinks he is smartypants now and tries to bow for a treat at times when not asked to. It is so hard to ignore it! It's very funny. But I just chuckle and tell him sorry but I didn't ask you to do that!
I posted some of his previous bowing stuff on Facebook and a long-time horse friend and former high-school class mate suggested she would be more impressed if he could do it while I was mounted....boy do I like a challenge! Well, today Mr. Linus pulled it off seamlessly! So now we will work on one leg bowing! Then I won't need to worry about snowbanks for mounting ; )

Here are some pictures of our now snow and ice laden trees:

It is no pear tree but a family of Partridge have taken up residence in this tree and Linus thinks they sound very funny! He's always watching them with a very quizzical expression on his face!

The above picture is taken from his back and this is of him bowing while mounted! I was so thrilled when he did it! He's such a quick learner and loves his tricks!

Here is another video of him bowing. This one sort of shows our recent progress in that I am alone and not holding him or standing at his shoulder to ask for the bow. He does do a quick bow shortly into the video but I ignore it as an attempt because he is just trying to get off easy on that one and get his reward! Haha! He should know better than that by now!
Love my big, red fella and really hoping to get some more tricks done over the Christmas break. In case I am not back on here before then we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! 

Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON

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  1. Well Merry Christmas to you and your family Donna, what a great job you are doing on your horse, Horse whisperer


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