Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Leave mom alone!"

As some of you know, I fell while lounging Willow and broke my wrist. My typing is rough, but I want to share what Corky did after my fall while I was trying to catch Willow to put her back. Willow was giddy and I thought the safest place would be inside the pasture until she calmed down. I climbed inside the fence and Corky immediately ran over towards me. About that time I realized the other 2 horses were getting giddy with Willow and Kayla started running toward me, but Corky was in between me and Kayla and he gave her a full rear kick at her. What is amazing to me is Corky is low man in the herd and ALWAYS does what the other horses tell him, but not that day. He told Kayla she was not running toward me and protected me. :) Love my boy!

 Janeen, Corky and Willow

And, yes, we're dreaming of summer!


  1. Aw Corky is your boy and he knows it! That's so awesome and cute that he stepped in to protect you! You're such a trooper to keep posting with a broken wrist! Better days ahead : )

  2. When push comes to shove, Corky is a brave guy! Sorry you broke your wrist; what a bummer. Did he know you were hurt? Did he see you fall? Horses are amazing creatures!

    1. Corky did see me fall. I think he did know.


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