Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So I realized that some of the pictures I had tried to upload, did actually upload :-)  They are a bit jumbled but here goes!
Below is Sunny's Butt, who I am riding bareback into our trails with My most awesome riding buddy ;-)  My 4 year old Russell on 'his' horse Gulliver.  Each morning we go out for a dog walk.  Most evenings, we do the same thing over again!  He rides with a vaulting surcingle with handles and I have a lead rope.
Here are 6 of the 7 Portuguese Water Dogs I have with me, waiting for that dog walk! 

Below is Sunny, Russell and Gulliver after a walk, trail ride and pony session :-)  Gulliver hunting for treats! 

Oh, okay, so this was a funny one... as you can see, Russell didn't join me this particular ride and there was some of that 'oh so fun crusty snow' that I wanted to break through with Sunny (I told you... trail blazers!  LOL) and Gulliver didn't want to come... so I dropped the lead rope and left him!  hehehhe  I actually wanted to see if he would follow IF I ever dropped the rope... Yep! He did!  We had a great trail ride 'off leash!' 
Yeah, okay.. until we got BACK to the paddock and he saw the mounting block (aka milk crate) and spooked! LOL  Arabs!  and then ran off!  He came back when I yelled at him and then turned Sunny in the other direction hoping Gulliver would follow.  Phew!  He did.  But when I snapped this shot... I was still in awe of walking my horse and dogs off leash!  hehehee
 Oh this one is of him following us, off leash.

 This is Sunny today :-)  I went riding in our -20 degree weather!  What can I say... kids were gone for the day... "looks like a good day to ride"! 
 This one is a funky picture!  I just like it's 'weirdness'!   I took it as we were in motion;-) hehhehe,  This is today when we were coming out of our bush to go onto the closed road.  There a ditch before a snow-plow bank that is about 3+ feet high!  So, we go down in the ditch and then climb up / into the snow bank out onto the road!  Oh what fun it is to ....... play with my Curly horse!
 Oh... just a silly picture of the dogs ;-)    This is next to our 'play ground' that will be developed more next year.  It has the round pen and pond :-) 
 My Christmas present!!!  A Parelli Snaffle bridle :-)))  I hope to do a bit more refining with Sunny next year and what does a Parelli student need.... MORE Parelli Stuff!  LOL
 Russell after a walk with the two boys... it was taken right after the other one (similiar picture above) but Gulliver had been mooching for treats, so I told them  to get 'back' and as you can see their ears... LOL... that's what they are doing!  So obedient... right! 
Well, I leave with that!  Glad to share some pictures and tell some stories.
I always love the pictures!  BTW... don't you love the way I groom them for their rides and photo shoots!!  Hay in BOTH of their manes!! LOL  Just be glad there are no 'selfies'  God only knows how much hay is in MY mane!  heheh
Bless you all for happiness and health next year!


  1. holy cow -20?? And I thought we had it cold here! Good for you!! Glad you stayed warm...well let's just say you made it! Love the pics! Thank you for posting this year Cyndi...we loved all your adventures and you motivated all of us!!! Happy New Year!

  2. Awesome pictures Cyndi! Isn't it awesome how riding bareback in this cold keeps your butt and legs so warm?! Happy New Year!


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