Monday, December 2, 2013

First snow ride!

The sun was just glowing today and with the snow I just HAD to get out. Corky was a good boy and nothing significant happened, but us enjoying each other's company again once deer season has ended for gun. Muzzleloading will start in another week, so I'll need to get out as much as I can this week, at least in the woods. I just wanted to share these pictures to try to capture what a gorgeous day it was here in the UP! And if my husband would stay home long enough, I would get Willow out and give her a go! Janeen, Corky and Willow


  1. Is there really anything better than enjoying the winter beauty from the back of your favourite horse?! Because I really don't think there is!

  2. Oh, Donna, you are so right! Janeen, I can't wait to be able to get out in our snow. Muzzle loading season has already started in Maine, but the caliber of the hunters is much different, and I ride in the woods wearing orange and jingle bells. By the way, Donna, how come you don't know how to spell color or favorite???? You Canuck you.


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