Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year and it's been a blast!

Well everyone, it has been an amazing year.  Truly wonderful.
This is the first year I have owned a Curly and now I can't imagine a year without one! 
Thank you Karalee for breeding these wonderful creatures and for telling me about this Blog / Competition.
It was so lovely to meet you Donna (and Linus) of course and I sincerly hope we get to meet again.
Thank you Denise for taking the time to put all this together.  Wow.  A labour of love for sure. 
I have SO enjoyed hearing all the stories and seeing all the pictures.  It's so amazing that we are connected throughout the WORLD! 

Sunny is one of the best things in my life and I am so glad to have him.  He has taught me so much and continues to teach me and take care of me.
I bought him just over a year ago and we have become best friends, partners and trail-blazers!  I even bought my old horse back so Sunny could have a friend!  LOL

I wish Blogger was letting me upload pictures but I have tried twice with no luck so I have to just tell you about our horsey lives lately.

Almost everyday and sometimes twice a day, I ride Sunny and my son rides our other horse (an Arab).  My son is 4.  My Arab is 18 and still HOT!  But, Sunny, being the dominant one of the herd, keeps Gulliver in line, as do I with my lead rope in hand.  I put my bareback pad on (I'm working on my 'independant seat'! and I put the vaulting surcingle on Gulliver with a rope halter and lead rope.  With Sunny and I in lead, Gulliver prancing along with Russell 'riding' we dog walk twice a day :-) 
With 7 Portuguese Water dogs!  I can't imagine life getting any better :-)  It's so fun.  The horses love to get out and Russell thinks it's a blast to ride 'his own horse'. 
I have a friend coming over New Years day to show her sister a 'curly horse' :-) And Sunny got LOADS of attention at my Extreme Cowboy Clinic for being a Curly!

In one year, we are doing miles of trails with all sorts of obstacles, we attended a clinic and were in the more 'advanced' group.  We passed our official Level 2 Parelli, he lies down on 'command', bows, has a 'decent' Liberty repetoire, we climb snow banks, swim in ponds, ride on roads, he puts his head down so I can jump on his neck to mount him bareback, he is a fanstastic babysitter for children and he is even learning to drive :-) 
The last one, about driving... we had him in shaves once but since then my hubby has been on snow detail for our municipality and those of you in Eastern Canada and U.S. know how much snow we have had!!!  So Sunny's driving training has been delayed but for now, I hope he's happy going out with me and Russell each and everyday for his 'dog walks'!

Much love to all of you in the New Year and Wishing you good health in 2014. 
See you again in 2015!

Cyndi Morin, Eastern Ontario Canda with Sunny the Curly horse, two wonderful children, a fantastic husband and awesome Portuguese Water Dogs.   


  1. Cyndi it was an absolute joy meeting you and Sunny! I do hope 2014 sees us riding together again! You're such a fun and positive person and have come so far with Sunny. You're a fantastic trainer and he's a superb partner! All the best to you and your family in the coming year! Oh and consider joining Facebook so we can keep up with you!! : )

  2. Nice meeting you Cyndi and Sunny! Your posts are always so enjoyable. I have the same problem with pictures. Don't know why. Happy New Year!

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your posts! You have an amazing Curly and you are perfect for him. Blessings to you in the coming year!


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