Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Bowing

Today turned into quite a nice day. The wind had some bite to it when it picked up but for the most part a lovely day! I decided to do some more work with Linus on our bowing. He started doing it while I was grooming him and I had to laugh! Then I told him it's great that he can bow but he should only be doing it when I ask him to! What a guy. 
It was going really well in the paddock so I decided to test it outside of the paddock. I did it a few times on the way up towards the house and barn where my husband and Dad were working. I called Stu over and he took some video for me! I couldn't decide which to post so I posted them all! Don't worry, they only range between 6 and 11 seconds! Keep in mind this is only our second attempt. It's not perfect but I'm exceptionally pleased and Linus is already showing that he is going to be able to move to the next step where he will do a bow and then come back up for the treat. You start the trick by him bowing to the treat. I'm thrilled that he has already linked the command "bow" with the action! This is so much fun to do when the footing isn't really good enough for a ride! 
There should be 4 videos in total. I hope they all load. Thanks for watching : ]
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


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