Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter fun!

I snuck in one more challenge on the 30th of November! My sister and her kids came up for the Thanksgiving holiday and to let my nephew hunt with my husband at camp, so it was just us "girls" for a night. My sister and niece share my passion for horses and of course Gabriella wanted to go for a ride. I asked her if she would like to help me decorate Corky and then ride him and her eyes lit up and it was an enthusiastic "Yes" that followed. When it was time of course it was snowing, but the temps were balmy compared to earlier in the week when we were in the single digits. The snow was wet, but it was just fun to get Corky out, saddle him up and then decorate him for the Christmas holidays. By the time we were done decorating we were already soaked because the snow was so wet, but like a true horse girl, my niece wanted to still go around the quarter mile trail.
I put on my orange just in case there were any stray hunters since it was the last day of deer season. I knew there were going to be areas of alot of ice/water because of the amount of rain we had before it turned cold enough for snow and so I walked carefully along with Corky. It's pretty much been a month since Corky has been out, so I was hoping he would behave as my niece hasn't rode ever by herself and I was leading her. I was especially proud of him when we hit a huge patch of ice that as we were walkig across it, it broke and we were actually gliding for a second on the water underneath before it broke again where we were standing. Mind you it wasn't deep, but the gliding feeling made this pitting feeling in my stomach, much less Corky's. On to riding in the snow!


  1. What a good boy taking care of his rider! Isn't it nice to be out again with a bit of a cushion rather than rough frozen ground! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. This is just what I needed to see when I came back from Thanksgiving to get me in the Christmas Spirit! Thanks Janeen! You both were pretty tough getting out like this in such slushy wet weather! Looks like you had fun..and I am so glad to hear that. I can't believe the snow you have - but sure added to the Christmas Mood! Good job!

  3. Janeen, what a great picture, horse and rider look happy and ready for Christmas, You guys sure have a lot more snow then we do. Have a great Christmas,

  4. Awww, Corky is such a good boy! Look at him spreading happiness, love and Christmas joy!


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