Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advanced lunge work

I have simply been having a blast doing some advanced lunge work with our mare Izzy....We have progressed from learning voice commands, to a little faster work, such as trot, whoa, trot, and canter, whoa, will take a bit more time to do canter, whoa, canter. Izzy is building muscle and coordination too. She is awesome in the crossties now, she clips without issue and today, we start long lining work.

My right hip has been giving me fits....I should mutter something about getting older, but I won't! So, I have not been riding her yet. As soon as my hip settles down a bit, I will be riding.

I have been totally impressed with the way this mare has progressed into advanced training. When we first started if she got confused, she got, if she gets confused, she just waits to find out more info, so she can make the right decision. It is highly rewarding to see her mature. I have no doubt in my mind she will make a wonderful riding partner. Did I mention she *is* for sale..LOL....

Our outside riding footing is horrible, so we will stay in the arena for now....we got 6" of snow, then about 2" of are lucky if you do not sink above your boots!

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