Tuesday, December 8, 2009

training advanced

Hi all, I have been doing ground work with our mare "Izzy" that we have for sale....training on this mare is a luxury for me...more often than not...as soon as I really get into the swing of things, my mares need maternity leave, or are sold...

Yesterday was more cross tie training, Izzy is becoming pretty reliable in the cross ties now...even the cats fighting in the background do not faze her. We added clipper training....I rubbed the clippers on her first, then turned them on, and put them near her, then eventually I rubbed them on her, while they were running...next will be clipping a few hairs ;-)

Izzy knows how to lunge, but I am working on advanced lunging exercises with her....I want her to be completely reliable with voice commands. She is also picking up my body language, and we may progress to the point she needs no voice commands.... This of course will also be a benefit while riding...both voice and body language.

We had a good positive workout and I cut it shorter than I had planned....she gave me the desired response, we will build on that tomorrow. Izzy is a good student and I can see we will progress very fast...riding time soon, but I want to take her further in lunging than any other horse I have owned....

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