Monday, December 14, 2009

Like a Bike

Rode Lyra this evening, first time since last March or so. Like a bike, who seems to remember how to be ridden between times without any accidents, so was Lyra... or something like that. She was wonderful. Quiet, well mannered, easy going, and holy cow!, I forgot how incredibly responsive she is!! You put a tiny bit of leg forward or back, and she's bending around your leg, you ask for a walk or a whoa, with your seat, and she's doing it! Who needs reins, bit, bridle with a horse like her?! Ok, so used them, but still, she was incredible! Couldn't believe how well behaved.
It snowed last night, had melted some by this afternoon, ground is solid as a rock frozen underneath a layer of mud from it beginning to rain late afternoon. I rode in my new Wintec Dressage saddle, I can't say enough how happy I am with this saddle! And that my plans to ride don't have to be curtailed due to some rain, just have to go slow and steady, avoid any slips on the terrible condition of ground. Sadly, while I'd hoped to get a couple of pictures, due to the rain, the camera staid in the house. Hopefully next time, it's supposed to snow again, so maybe in the morning, in the snow.
Since Lyra made it abundantly clear that she hadn't forgotten a thing since our last ride, Dorothy rode second. Dorothy is relatively new to riding and we are still working on her mounting up by herself. Lyra stood stock still while Dorothy struggled with it. After Dorothy was up, Lyra continued to just stand there, waiting for Dorothy to adjust and ask her to walk on. Dorothy got to do a few direction changes with just her legs and seat. Very rewarding to already be able to do that! A couple of times Dorothy found herself continuing a turn or stopping and asked why Lyra was doing that. I asked Dorothy to think about what she was doing at the moment Lyra was doing something other than what Dorothy wanted to be doing, where was she looking, what was she thinking?, what was her body actually doing at the time?, like a light going off followed by "oh!" that's why she did that, I was doing...(fill in the blank), so I asked her to do that!". To me, Lyra is an invaluable gem school horse wise, she is thoughtful, patient, kind, looks out for her rider, and does exactly what she is asked to, which is a fantastic teaching tool for the most part.
While riding Lyra, her filly, Rogue, who isn't weaned yet, of course, so we rode with the herd (I know, not recommended, but it's time for Lyra to start riding again, and well, much easier to just stay with the group, then try to figure out what to do with Rogue). Rogue was not happy about the idea of her Mommy being ridden, she was WILD! Ran and jumped, reared, bucked , leapt into the air, ran some more, stood up, sprinted around some more, and then got Rora (Epona's filly) in on the action. Rora did Caprioles, a few of them, effortlessly, it was amazing!! I really, really wish we'd had the camera out there! Rora also ran and jumped, leapt, bucked, reared, etc..., but seriously, her airs above the ground continue to amaze me, not to mention both of her trots were incredibly fluid and ground covering, just beautiful.
Xandra followed Lyra about, trying to participate in everything. I had to promise her she'd get to try out the whole riding thing in the not too distant future. Maybe late summer, will see how well developed she is by then, I'll have my Vet take a look at her first. I'm a little worried I'll a) start her too soon and hurt her for a successful long lived riding career or b) always see her as my baby and never actually start her. So trying to balance that. I'm in no hurry though. She literally just turned three, hard to believe!
Dinner beckons. The fire in the wood stove feels wonderful. I'm looking forward to riding Lyra again tomorrow! :-)
Hope this note finds everyone well.
Happy Trails!! :-)

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