Friday, December 4, 2009

Izzy is back to work

After a couple weeks out on pasture, I grabbed out Izzy and put her back to work! There are a few ground work things I want to school Izzy on, one of which is standing quietly in crossties...pictured here ;-) I am also doing some very advance lunge line work and will be in the saddle soon.

Izzy is a dream to work with, she is smart, learns her lessons very quickly, she is very unflappable and moves right out. Did I mention she is for sale..LOL...

Our work session today included crosstie schooling, a healthy vigorous grooming, just general handling...a few turns on the forehand, on the haunches and a quick saddling. I will also add in clipping next session.

After our work session the sun was just so spectacular and frankly, the winter sun and a chestnut horse are just an awesome combonation. So, we headed to our outdoor arena for a little play time and a few pics....

This mare encompasses all things curly...her attitude, her willingness to learn and respect her handler, and the added bonus of that lovely curly chestnut coat, a long and flowing tail, and a long mane ( if you use Denise's Dermal Aid method, her mane will stay in year round...I got a bit behind on that late in the summer ) athletic, lovely mover...she simply has it all! Did I mention she was for sale?

Stay tuned....I will be riding her soon and if my Monday's are free, I will be joining my favorite group lessons......and I also plan on taking some dressage lessons on her.

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  1. Lovely, as always your horses are... too bad she's not for sale... Wahahaha!! :-) I'd expect she'll find herself an excellent dressage home soon if she keeps up the good work. Thanks for sharing on her progress, she's coming along very, very nicely!!


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