Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two Very Different Rides

The air was damp with impending snow during our ride today, but I was dressed for it with fleece, toasty socks and flannel lined jeans. AhD was full of vim and vigor again today, and I enjoyed it thoroughly! This time, we scampered into the woods behind the house, and took my trusty Lab Grace, who was PERFECT. We bushwhacked over to Back Street, taking a route that we could probably only manage in Nov or December when all the leaves are off the trees and the ground is fairly dry. Still it was tight, and AhD wound his way around saplings while I ducked under limbs. When AhD charged up a couple of small hills, I was wishing he had more mane to hang on to, because I had to duck and bend this way and that to avoid branches. Once out on the road, I ran into my nephew Jason, who said I had scared up three deer towards him in the woods. Cool! AhD outdid himself and stood quietly while I chatted with Jason and also with another neighbor. Wow! I was proud of my boy! We crossed the road and headed into an apple orchard and then on into another orchard that was brand new country for us even though it is only a mile from my house. The open gate was just too inviting, and we meandered around in there for a while enjoying the landscape before finding a break in the stone wall and heading towards home through the woods. This was a lovely, lovely ride that left me feeling comfortably tired and completely satisfied.
A Change of Mood
WELL! The snowstorm hit, and I brought work home and decided to take a break for a ride in the pristine beauty. Remembering my last jaunt in a snowstorm with AhD, I figured I might be in for quite a ride…. I saddled up in the barn, and my first clue was when AhD bowed when I asked him to back up. Hmmm. Still longing for pristine beauty, I shoveled out the front barn door, led him out and saddled up. He was a good boy for mounting, and a good boy heading down the road. He was even a good boy to let me admire the beautiful red berry bush! I could tell his mood was souring, though. We hit an icy patch under the snow, and I decided to turn him around rather than risk a bad ride. Well!!! I could tell he wanted back to the barn NOW and the heck with the snow blowing in his face! Honestly, he was so grouchy, I got a kick out of it. I dismounted and took a few pictures to share his rotten mood with you all. Oh, he was giving me a piece of his mind! He tickles my funny bone; I can't help it. Back at the barn, he gently laid his full face on me. Perhaps he was telling me he forgave me for being such a dolt as to take him out in a snowstorm. Guess sweet snowstorm riding isn’t in the cards for me and my Curly pony!


  1. Nice snowstorm ride Susan-My mom and I were just commenting how today would have been a beautiful day to ride but I was home with the kids enjoying a snow day.

  2. I love these kinds of snowy rides, Susan!!!! I was DYING to take Reese out today in the bluster weather...he doesn't mind the wind or furry of the conditions...which has made me love it even more of course. lol. I am glad to have taken a ride with you today though! Thanks for the pictures. Good for you for getting out there!! I'm jealous!


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