Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Visitors....it never gets old

It never gets old....sharing our herd....sharing our herd and their hypoallergenic qualities with folks allergic to horses ( or anyone that will listen LOL ).

Saturday morning I got a call with a request..."may we come and visit you and your herd?" our answer is always the same...if you catch us home...YES !!!

Less than an hour later, Connie ( Mom ) and Rebbecca ( 18 yr old daughter ) arrived, ready to visit our farm.

We spent quite a bit of time with HeartBreaker...he is the only horse anywhere close to the house...Connie petted and stroked his curly coat, and no reaction....we then hopped on our 4 wheeler and made the journey to where the mares are, out on pasture....right now, they are living large...green grass covers our place and the mares favorite place to hang out is far, far from our house...

Our herd was curious about the new visitors, they welcomed us , dominate horses first, then after they got their attention needs met, the less dominant horses came to visit....Rebbecca quickly found out that Hattie and Dark Knight were very interested in her, and her visit. Connie was chosen by Legacy to pamper her...Legs never let Connie out of her sight, providing her with soft, scrumptious curls to pet on.....Through all, not a single horse reaction from either of our visitors.

One of the most interesting parts of the day was...the gals raise hypoallergenic service dogs for needy folks..many needy folks also have allergies, making a regular service dog not something they can handle, so Connie and Rebbecca raise hypo service dogs...they are associated with
www.genesisservicedogs.com We also found, through conversation that the training methods and personality types of these dogs is very similar to our horses...smart, quick,and they do not take well to forceful training methods..and Rebbecca could even see some similar looks in the horses eyes...and she said Hattie's coat felt just like her poodles coat.

This is a part of raising horses that I never tire of. Sharing our horses with folks...whether it be at home or in the show ring....this breed of horse is simply amazing ;-)

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  1. Love the shots of both curlies, even the "curly" girl! Maybe I need a perm. lol Dian


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