Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pure Pleasure Riding

Monday - we had to take a break from MORE snow removal and go for a ride. Zoe took Zoe's Day Dream - who we call Reverie.. I am -- of course-- astride my gorgeous Keri. Hunting season is over so we can trot trail.. we travel down the back road a bit to get to the opening. It's a bit gloomy but fun to get out in the saddle after the second storm in a row.

What else can I say - but the woods are beautiful and trotting in snow is so much fun !! We had some canters as well.. and the movement as the horses lift their legs higher to plow through the deep flaky white stuff is exhilarating. We travel through hemlock woods and hardwood forest -- each with a differing wintry feel.

For winter - there is an abundance of water ! Under all this white powder, is LOTS of mud as the ground never froze. Reverie is somewhat suspicious of these melt areas... leaves at the bottom of the openings.. brown/black holes ??

When she gets to the really deep water - she does not hesitate though - perhaps because it was covered in ice and blended in more.. this was deep, muddy and nasty !!

You can see how deep the puddle was by the high mud mark on her legs.

We trotted home and stopped in the big ring for some more vigorous snow trotting..

We've always loved Reverie from the day she was born. She has been a broodmare for many years and was only trained last spring. She is such an outstanding riding mare - and Zoe has been working with her for summer shows.. either along with Elektra or instead of Elektra, in the event that Elektra might sell. However-- Reverie is also listed for sale.. she will make someone an awesome mount - and so beautiful too- more so without all that mud though :)

This was a very refreshing ride - Today - Tuesday, we are planning to return to the trails at the end of Graham Road .. for more exploration. It will be fun.

Enjoy ~


  1. If I didn't know better, I would have thought you were riding in Michigan! That's what our woods look like too right now. Beautiful!! And we even have those wet muddy spots too. Reese hates mud holes! lol. I think it might be time for a ride-with-me ride. Get everyone out sharing this awesome weather together. No canters for me yet, BUT some really cool trotting in the snow. Reverie's trot is amazing. Thanks for sharing your wintery ride with us!

  2. I have always loved that mare!! All I want for Christmas a three horse trailer to bring Lilly, Rev and Ahmet home!!


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