Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Bragging and a Rather Dreary but fun ride

I'll get my bragging out of the way first ! :)

I know I already announced that Elektra is one of the ICHO Horse of the Year... she also earned a nice ribbon and prize from the CSI for 2009 HOY for her Intro level showing this past summer !

In case you were wondering -- Elektra's CSI registered name is Thia Elektra, because of their naming regulations - I needed to start ner name with a "T".. and since Elektra is named after a great aunt who lived on the isle of Crete -- I chose Thia (aunt).

If Elektra is still with us for show year 2010, she will compete in training level. As I have mentioned in past posts, Zoe is building up to side passes... Elektra can now hold shoulders in for almost an entire 20 meter circle, both directions.. pretty good !! But-- don't forget... Elektra is listed for sale and someone else can ride her to a win

In between lessons, Zoe is schooling Elektra in the indoor (the big ring is too smushy right now) and as usual, I am following her around with Keri.. Keri is also doing well with her shoulders in, haunches out. But we are not ready to trot a circle with that simultaneously going on yet.. (possibly never). That's not really due to Keri's shortcomings-- more mine. Here is another exercise we do a few times at the start of our work out. This is supposed to build back muscles and help get the horse using the hind end more. Can't hurt to keep Keri's back strong as she is coming into old age. :) At any rate-- it's fun.

Tuesday - we had all day free.. so in spite of the damp, cold, snow and icy roads -- we wanted to get out for a nice long pleasure ride. There are 4 more days left of the last segment of hunting.. and hopefully we can get back into trail exploration. We decided to trot through Stone Village in Chester.. it's been awhile since we sauntered the entire length of Trebo Road and perhaps Stone Village will be all dressed up for the holidays and make for some pretty photo's.

The back roads were not well sanded and very slick.. so we did not get much trotting in. Keri and Teasel like to be side by side -- but we quickly discovered that we were going to have to go single file way to the side, where there is more traction. Even with Keri's studs - she was slipping. The single file thing made both horses cranky ... but it did give me the opportunity to work on the shoulders in and out as we walked along the side of the road.

Right here is where we turn left up Crow Hill Road to trot home if we are going the 12 mile loop... but today we stay straight - to get down on Route 103 and into Stone Village.

Route 103.. you can see it's a rather dreary day.

Into the Stone Village -- where we are dissappointed -- hardly any decorations or lights. Is it too early or are people just discouraged this year ?

This house was once a one room school house.

Per usual, I have more photo's on my farm blog of the trip into the village.

You might have noticed in so many of my photo's and video's - my neighbors across the road from my farm have several greenhouses - this is their Stone Village Farmers Market- where they sell flowers, their own vegetables and holiday items.. like pumpkins and trees. Even this did not seem that festive to me this year.

Right about now, my feet are more than a bit chilly. But now we will be on tar for awhile and can trot and canter some to warm up. The horses are ready to move after all that tip toe-ing on ice for many miles.

We trot up over Crow Hill - and then back on dirt road to homebase.

Zoe and I have decided, since we did not see much for Holiday decorations... we are going to try a night ride in search of lots of Christmas Lights ! That will be fun ... so watch for that :)

Today -- we are having our first big snowstorm of the year. A complete white out.. school cancelled. So that's one reason why I am here posting instead of outside :)

Enjoy ~


  1. Congratulations Betsy, Zoe and Elektra!! She is SO lovely - and boy, I sure can appreciate "training level" in Dressage now...they should really rename that. It's HARD work! =] It's awesome to see curlies so well started in this discipline offered for sale. To anyone wanting to do that, it's so nice to have that foundation started. Keep up the great work! =] Can't wait to hear more next season.

  2. Congratulations to Zoe and Elektra! Betsy, you must be proud to have bred such a lovely and talented mare, and to be blessed with such a lovely and talented daughter! I'm looking forward to Christmas lights from horseback.

  3. Denise-I know what you mean about the work involved with training level. A lot of what I have been working in with Elektra know are movements from First level. I am planning on doing the FEI 5yo test which measures how well a horse would do in First level. So far she has really impressed me with her ability to learn and how much she enjoys it-Anyone could take her right know and have a spectacular horse ready for anything. Plus they would have a fantastic trail/road horse as well.

  4. Yeah and congrats Zoe and Electra !!! yes, dressage is hard work, and most folks do not understand just how complicated it is..even at Intro level ;-) congrats and keep up the good work!


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