Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Day - Ride with Me?

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE everyone!!!

Would anyone be interested in joining Reese and I for a "Ride with Me" ride tomorrow, New Year's Day, say around 12:00 p.m. EST? If not then, when is good for you all?

What is a "Ride with Me" ride you ask? It is where we all pick a distinct time and ride our horses AT that precise time, no matter where we live. If you want, we can call each other....and say, "I'm heading out....are you?" --- Or if your horse is good about cell rings, you can call each other on the trail too. Talk briefly about where you are and what you are you were riding together.

Just knowing that there are maybe hundreds of people on their curlies at the same time you are.....all across the country is a pretty cool feeling!! Diane Robertson, if you are reading this, I WILL have my phone charged up and ready for your call, Girl!

You don't really have to tell anyone, just go out, ride and report back to this blog on what you did!! Of course, it is always more fun if you give your cell to someone so they can call you. =] Non-RAC'ers can chime in too, by commenting to someone else's post or this one.

Let's start the New Year off RIGHT! =] And get this blog buzzin!!!!

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  1. WhooHoo! Do I feel special. This crummy rain is due to stop tonight and the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow.....sunshine and temps in the 50's sounds like a perfect day for riding....see you on the trail and my phone will be on......


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