Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Trail - Authorized Only

Zoe and I had one of our best rides on the First of December. If you recall the ride we had intended to complete - but Zoe's cell phone rang.. her daughter was sick at school and needed to be picked up ? well... that ride interrupted was our planned destination for the First. Keri and Teasel were up for the day. Those two moseyed along at a steady pace - no speed record setting that day. Would you believe -- at the EXACT same place that Zoe's cell phone rang during 'the ride interrupted'.. her phone rings again ! Nothing urgent so we continued on our merry way.

This past weekend was the end of hunting until this coming Saturday - which will start Muzzle Loader season. We have a few days to trot trail -- YAY !

We had to travel on the snowmobile route for some of the trek -- most of the gates are still closed.. so we scamper up this bank to get on the trail - which we will follow past the Industrial Park (which is not really what it sounds like -- big for our little town) and down toward the new trail
we have been wanting to investigate --

Ever since we passed these gates and this sign - we have been anxious to explore. We checked on the map in the Gazateer and this is supposed to come out at the end of Graham Road (dead end) which is going to make a great loop .. provided it works out :)

I find out - my batteries are nearly dead .. so not very many photo's.

Along this trail, we spotted a few possibilities off to the right - but we need to stay focused on our mission.. eventually we come out into a big field.

At this point I have to say - I am a mite curious about why access needs to be Authorized - because there does not seem to be anything here that would be important enough to need any special approval.

At any rate - we follow some tracks and paths through and around -- no exits, no breaks in the walls, the tree line is thick and undisturbed... hmmmnn what now ? We keep searching - finally, a bar way in the stone wall -- up into the woods - then we really have to bushwhack our way down to what we see in the distance is another trail. Over walls, thick brush -- around, up, down -- we find trail.

This is the last photo my camera was able to get - no juice left in those batteries. But, we had a blast following this meandering trail - which didNOT exit where it was supposed to -- we were very much surprised to find out where we ended up. We found more trail -- followed that - great old logging roads I never knew were ever there in those woods.. discovered all kinds of alternate routes for another day - or many days. And in the end... we did indeed find our way out onto Graham Road and trotted home on the back roads from there.

It was BITTERLY cold this day - but loads of fun :) If this ride had not been so much fun - we would have turned back much sooner -- we were so cold ! Can't wait to go back there. We can fill a few days with expeditions I think - and put together some trotting loops with no back tracking. we are going to work on developing a better route from the field through the woods.. so we can use that more often without so much struggling.

Enjoy ~

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