Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

I learned from the weatherman that this is a Blue Moon, and ever since I walked the dogs in the moonlight last night I have been dying to ride in it. Betsy sent me a photo of her riding in this eastern seaboard storm we are having, and she looked like a Mountain Woman. I was dying to ride even more…but perhaps you know how much my AhD just loves snowstorms (snicker)….I headed out to the barn anyway. AhD was still wet from being out all day, but I was determined to have a go of it, so I thought I would use the bright pink saddle blanket on his bare back to keep myself dry and keep Harold entertained.
It even stopped snowing, and the moon was out! It was beautiful. At first, AhD pretended that the deer or turkeys or whatever it was (or wasn’t) across the stone wall, but I kept up the groundwork. Lateral flexion, lunging, backing him out of my space. AhD’s companion Mister Man just hung out and watched us. I used our water tank to hop on AhD’s back, foregoing the blanket, but I didn’t mind the dampness at all. I was mostly watching those Curly ears to gauge his temperament and that beautious curly mane, well, just because it is beautious! We did lateral flexion and backing exercises. We practiced turning using seat and legs, and I was very pleased to note that AhD’s attitude was quite willing and cooperative! I am psyched for the noontime ride tomorrow, and I am looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs. Happy New Year, and AWAY WE GO!

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