Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This year is coming to an end and I am gaining strength every day, I have not been on a horse since my trip to the bad lands this spring, but I think now I am strong enough to try and saddle up.
I guess we are supposed to get up to 20 inches of snow tonight tomorrow and Sat. so I will have a lot of snow to land in.
When I came home from the hospital in Oct. I was very weak and in the process of learning to walk again, I was so inspired by the blogs I read that I gained a lot of emotional strength to get where I am today, A special Thanks from me to Susan and AhD, you can't know how much you done for me.
A very very Merry Christmas to my fellow Curly Riders and a Happy New Year. Also thanks to Denise and her Contest.


  1. Harold, I am thrilled that I inspired you and kept you company when you were unable to ride. I look forward to "competing" with you in 2010 ~ you had better break out the pink and get yourself in shape! Let's see...what kind of bling can I think of next...Susan and AhD the Manly Gelding

  2. Harold,
    It's wonderful to hear you are feeling better and almost ready to get back into the saddle. Yeehaw. Yep, that snow sounds like a cushion - wish we had more of it in complaining a little dusting for Christmas was so nice.
    Best wishes to you and your family for the Holidays and New Year.
    Angie and Curly ones in Texas


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