Monday, April 19, 2010


Doesn’t look like it, does it! We awoke to a blanket of snow, and it kept snowing throughout the morning. Seeing as to how AhD and I have a clinic tomorrow and we haven’t been out together in quite a while, off we went! I gave it plenty of time, and bonded with my sweet but fresh Curly beforehand. I let him know he is still my Number One, even though there have been some changes in equine personnel in our barn. I saddled up, and we headed out, but I led him and lunged him for the first 45 minutes until I felt comfortable mounting up. And…we were off!! Yep, it was something like the Kentucky Derby, too, because AhD was FORWARD. We skimmed through the woods and streams and trails, and then I took him right into the trees to twist, turn and dodge our way to another trail. See any path here? Me neither! But, that’s where we came from to get on to this trail! I really feel the need to brag a bit here. I would put AhD against the best of them to wind his way through the woods. He really is very good at it, and I enjoy it. We picked our way through the woods to Back Street, crossed the road and headed right back into the woods into new territory. We made our way down to Station Road, about a mile from the house, and rode through a small development on Mineral Drive to get on one of my favorite trails around here. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? AhD recognized this trail, and that it was going to take us on a big loop that headed back to his buddies at the barn, so he was game for a lengthy Big Floaty Trot and canter. At the base of our Running Hill, we picked up the pace even more, and of course RAN! Very exciting and exhilarating! I realized that I had left my half chaps back at the barn when my legs kept getting pinched between the stirrup leathers and the saddle, but I wasn’t about to stop AhD because I was feeling far too much joy at AhD’s exuberance. I told AhD to walk at the top of the hill, and he obeyed like the good boy he can be. Once we caught site of our house and the woods opened up to field, AhD gave me a nice, controlled, beautiful canter. I remember when I first started writing into the RAC, and my Curly did not know how to give me that wonderful gait. Now I revel in it. I am glad to be back on my challenging pony and looking forward to the clinic tomorrow.

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