Friday, April 30, 2010


Yep, I am being a blog hog...sure feels that way anyway!! Lol, I enjoy putting my stories somewhere before I forget them!
So, to continue slightly from my last post; I clipped Linus' bridlepath today! Just with the small cordless, not the large livestock clippers. That makes me chuckle now that I think of it: I used the large clippers on the dog and the small ones on the horse! That's what you get for having a pony-size dog I guess!! Anyway, I had his halter on (brand spanking new today actually!) grabbed the clippers, he followed me in the barn to get them so I had to make him back out of the narrow alley. Good practice!! He also tried to walk into the garage with me but I didn't let him in case he got spooked and hurt himself. There is a 4-wheeler and lawn tractor in there too so its a no go zone...Anyway, the clippers. I turned them on and rested them on him and let him circle around me while holding the lead rope over my arm. I didn't pull on the lead rope but just said "Whoa".....and he actually stopped!!! Good stuff! So, we repeated this about 3 times. Not even taking any more than 3 minutes before I was able to clip the hair out of our way. I was on the fence about cutting it because that chunk likes to hang on the opposite side to the rest of his mane which looks really nice, but it needed to be put out of our way. I have noticed that the curly Curlies don't normally tend to have this problem of hair in the way of the halters etc. So, now we don't either!!
My even bigger news than that is the newspaper I finally had the nerve to contact (fear of being turned down I guess!) replied to me today and is coming out tomorrow to do a story about Curlies (wishin' Linus had some, lol) I have let them know he is a smooth coated version. The important part is that he is still hypoallergenic and still a wonderful poster boy for the famous Curly personality! I have contacted Karalee Bell (Whirlwind Curlies) who lives around the corner from me. She might come help out for the interview but if the reporter wants to showcase a Curly with curls we can head over and take a picture of her white boy, Hunter. I hope she can make it out, she has so much breed knowledge and experience. I also let Lynn and Denise know so that I have the appropriate permissions to mention this competition and Homefire as well.
Uber looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!!! Stay tuned for the post of the article!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I enjoy the Linus posts! Loved the blanket pic on your last post. Dian


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