Thursday, April 22, 2010

A family ride!

I am getting *Sandman and *Charm ready for the show on Sunday so I rode them both in the ring and then my family asked if I wanted to go for a trail ride - sure I did!  So.... I actually rode my Arabian mare, Mirage (she is the mommy to a very Curly *Serenade though :)  Anyhow, we did take two Curlies - here are my son on *Cuervo and my daughter on *Bijou.

We had a wonderful ride - the weather was really wonderful and while it was a bit dusty - it wasn't too bad!


  1. Great pics out! Wanted to wish you good luck in tomorrow's show, can't wait to hear reports back on it!! Really hoping someone can get some pics of you too!! :-)

  2. there's that scenery of which I am SO envious :)


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