Friday, April 9, 2010

a quite satisfactchall ride !!

I can't remember but I may have already posted about the best ride in 2010... but this past Wednesday takes first place as the best ride so far of this year. Unseasonably warm weather - we headed to the floodplains for a water crossing. The boots I ride in are quite sopping still this evening.. but what a great trek !

Both Zoe and I took along cameras - so there is plenty of pictorial documentation .. and as usual you can visit the farm blog for the full blow by blow. My camera died toward the end of the trip.

The first leg of the trip, we didn't bother with photo's... we did trot through North Springfield on the sidewalks and past the Mobil station on Route 106.

Looking across, we spy the car belonging to friends who rent the red building (used to be a tack shop) --- we decide to tarry a bit and visit.

As we all learned from Denise -- horses CAN enter human dwellings. Knock Knock -- Keri and I open the door and find our friends are vacuuming.... not wanting to be rude guests.. we remain on the porch and visit with them out there.

Time to get on our way ....

There are a couple of options as far as routes to the floodplains - we choose to trot over the dam bridge this trip. This is only our second journey over this bridge ... last time was April 8, 2008- and that day there was still ice and snow on the reservoir and crossing the river would have been CHILLLEEE. Today- is beautiful and sunny and as I remarked on my farm blog -- a real Zippity Doo Dah day !

As Uncle Remus said --it's the kind of day where you can't open your mouth without a song jumping right out of it.

Trail that runs along the river.

Last time we trekked the floodplains for a river crossing was July, 2009 . The river banks were grown up and green then, but due to the persistent rains -- the water level was almost as high as it was this trip. Unusual for summer.

Keri's first trip to the floodplains was as a 6 year old along with her Mom on a 25 miler.

Here's the little path down to the water-- in mid-summer, this path is completely camouflaged with tall weeds and brush.

Keri takes the first step -- shallow, then deeper, then, OK my shoes are wet.... Elektra is blowing bubbles with her nose in the water --- silly dressage horse :)

My Loch Ness mare.

And here is our entertaining video clip of Zoe trying not to chuckle too much while her mother is in danger of being swept away downstream :0 The current was swift, the water deep -- but just WAY TOO MUCH FUN !! The water at one point was over my saddle.... eeeks. And to think I had packed extra socks to change into after we were done -- no point in that now. Of course - even the though the current threatened to carry me and Keri off- that did not stop me from doing it again. (and again)

Elektra is frolicking a bit in the water - so difficult for Zoe to hold the camera steady.

The trot home was great -- thankfully warm so it did not matter that I was soaked from the waist down. We took trail almost all the way home.

Can't wait to return !!

Enjoy ~


  1. I love this trip! It just makes me happy to reread it and watch the videos! =] AND the attempt in paying your friend a personal visit on her porch! Way to go there Betsy!! Now, that's something I haven't done..walked in someone else's home! LOL. Thanks for taking us along for the ride - you two have way too much fun!

  2. That was frickin awesome! I'd love to someday do that with Linus. He isn't big on puddles so we have a lot of work to do! Love the scenery!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed!

    --Amber (with Dolly & Diamond)


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