Friday, April 30, 2010


I spent 5 hours clipping our farm dog (Newfie) Essa yesterday. She came out of the winter with some bad mattes so now she is feeling much better. I have been wanting to clip Linus' bridlepath because his mane is so thick and no matter how careful I am there is always hair getting caught in the halter or bridle!! I didn't clip him last night, I just introduced him to the clippers. They were fascinating until they started to vibrate!! I did get the rub them over his nose and on his neck and shoulder. I was very proud of him for not running away. I hadn't put a halter or anything on him. Just went into his pasture and kept turning them on and off and rubbing them on him. He paced around me a bit, then licked and chewed and came back for more.
There is a woman at the opposite end of the road to the farm. She has a few minis and is working towards opening a therapeutic farm for disabled children where they can come visit or the ponies can go to other places to visit. Anyway, she is in the same boat I am, she's got a horse at home (Arab cross I think) that she is raising from a baby and she is teaching her minis to drive (just like Linus and I!) So we are helping one another, sharing tips and ideas. Its been great so far and who knows, maybe Linus will eventually be able to participate in some therapeutic activities!! He's got a great temperament for it and it would really showcase the wonderful Curly personality!!!

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