Sunday, April 11, 2010

T-Bars and Flag Tape

Not a great weather week up here so another week of mainly manners and respect while being fed and handled. Not as exciting as some other things we do, but important nonetheless.
We racked our brains all week for what kind of fencing we were going to try Linus with. Dad ended up being able to take home about 20 T-Bar posts from a job site, Bonus!! We screwed small blocks of wood to the posts, then screwed on the insulators only to find T-Bar Insulators the next day at TSC!! So, we put our new fence higher than the first and left the first up then I flagged the crap out of it so no way can Linus not know where he is meant to be.
I got to the farm yesterday morning, did some chores and put our Easter calf (Owen named her Chick) outside with the herd. Then it was Linus' turn. This time I played him out by taking him for a 2km walk with the dogs. We walked, trotted and checked out the "monsters" because this was the farthest we have trekked in that particular direction. I expected to have to start all over from last week's lesson in manners while being led but Linus actually retained almost all of it and we had a very pleasant jaunt. Very little traffic went by but he seems beyond worrying about that. Our biggest obstacle was a massive pile of stone with black tarps strewn through it. It was a very windy day and on a hill so the tarps were all over the place. Obviously there for the sole purpose of eating Linus. He used to bolt first then look but I find more and more now he is looking to see what it is before bolting. There was a page wire fence between us and the nasty tarps so we couldn't investigate too closely but we did stay until he was convinced that there was no threat. We headed back to the farm, I swapped his halters (just in case we had a repeat of his Houdini side) and walked the perimeter of his new turn out area. He immediately started munching away on the new grass and didn't seem to be interested in escaping. Seems getting the wind out of his sail beforehand was worth it!
I'm just about to head to the farm now to see what he is up to and how he is taking it. I'm sure he is loving it!!
Linus is growing beautifully. Every now and then he is a bit gawky looking as he approaches his first birthday but he is going to finish absolutely gorgeous. He's so athletic and flashy looking. I love the flow of his shoulder up through his neck and head. I'm so anxious to see him in 3 years!!!

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