Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days Like This

Saturday was a gorgeous early spring/summer day -- hot for the horses perhaps as they still have quite a bit of winter coat... but they were still ready to carry us to the top of Mount Ephraim and back. Zoe rode Elektra with the Cashel saddle and I rode -- guess who ? none other than my lovely Keri. She was in a super happy mood.. we had a blast trotting up the mountain.

Zoe carried the camera on this trip for more practice... when we reached streamside, I asked Keri to step into the water since generally we are both avid brook walkers. She stepped down and then decided she was DYING of thirst... she took a looooong big drink -- maybe she was parched, maybe she was just being bratty... but- who cares ? it's a beautiful day :)

We had debris to step over -- a nice natural easy going obstacle course.

We're smiling ! I don't even need a lime green jacket to feel cheery today.

Warm enough for a summer top - but still ice in the woods.

hard work trotting up stony trails -- then as we neared the top -- the paths turn to ledge..

When we reach the top - we pose for photo's ! :)

Our dressage horse that loves trail !

We took the alternate route home -- Close to home, we came upon one of Denise's obstacles.. a ball which actually we saw last year on our spring ride to the top of Mount Ephraim...

I'll repeat what I typed on my farm blog -- I know we still might get some wintry and nasty weather --
but days like this makes it easy to stay smiling.
Enjoy ~


  1. that seems wonderful!!!

    --Amber (Dolly & Diamond)

  2. These are probably the best pictures I have ever seen of you and Keri - FABULOUS! Of course I am jealous that you rode Mt. Ephraim without me, but maybe later this year we can take another trip. The view from the top is spectacular. AhD has also been helping himself to big drinks out of brooks lately. Not used to summer weather in early April!!

  3. How great to see you out from behind that camera, Betsy!! Love all the smiles!! Don't put that cheery green jacket away yet though - snow here this morning!!

  4. Wonderful photos! Gotta love a Dressage horse who loves trails and is a Curly{:>


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