Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Mountain Cowgirls

Zoe and I saddled up Keri and Teasel to ride the fenceline the other day -- no Texas bluebonnets for us ... just early damp and wet loving Trout Lily and the beautiful but smelly Wild Trillium.

I have several lease pastures.. mine for the grazing if I maintain the fence. So each spring I walk (or ride) the perimeter to assess any winter damage. This day, we rode the fence at the Baltimore pasture and then trotted over the hill to check out the pasture at the Derochefort's.

Great when you can squeeze in necessary work with leisure time riding !! Now, usually when I go over the the Baltimore field -- Keri is so perfect helping me open the little gate... so I thought -- let's make a video !! Here we have Keri being her sporadically rude self -- stepping off just when she knows I need her to stand. She really does do the whole gate opening beautifully :)

Well - at any rate - it's open -- time to peruse fence.

This is an old Vermont farm - with evidence of barns here and there -- and beautiful stone walls. I've been using this field for 17 or more years.

Some walls we have to step over.

My farm is somewhere on the other side of that mountain.

We found a marshy wet area-- Keri splashed and tried to find deep water for swimming... she loved that river crossing.

That fenceline done and needed repairs accounted for -- we trot over the hill, past Crow Hill farm toward the other fields.

The view from the very top of this field is a nice one. Everyone has a pond in their backyard it seems.

I misplaced a hammer along the top wall here - we are always hoping we'll find it someday --
The fence is not in bad shape -- I'm happy about that. Now all we need is for the grass to GROW !!
So we got some 'work' done and also some great riding.... perfect early spring day !
Enjoy ~


  1. i love your posts, its awesome how you guys turn everything into an adventure with the horses. Boy do I have to get down that way sometime, looks absolutely beautiful

  2. Donna - we'd love to have you visit !! I don't think it's too far. Yes- we love an adventure :) Thank you and glad you enjoy.


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