Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glorious, Uncanny, Weekend

Went to visit Rhys's two daughters, who don't belong to me, Flash, his 2008 filly and Daisy, his 2009 filly. 

It was uncanny how much like my beloved Xandra, Daisy looks, really, really uncanny.  So, Daisy is on the left, Xandra is on the right, and I agree, not the best pics, but as close to similar shots as I could get, doesn't show too well, but they are even the same shade of bay, with that red gloss to them, Daisy's strip and snip are not lined up, but the quality and softness of her eye is the same.  I just know this filly is going to grow up to be so very similar to Xandra, just an incredible horse (pony) that is someone's once in a lifetime partner.  I can't get over the fact that neither of these fillies is related, at all, for as far as either pedigree goes, it's just amazing to me.

Such a temptation, since that filly is for sale, to offer to have her come here, I can well imagine a riding/driving pair those two would make, albeit totally different sizes, would be soooo cool though!!  Forbid the thought, I don't need four Rhys fillys here, right?

Flash was, as she has been all along, absolutely stunning, such a charismatic show off!!

Both fillys belong to Karen Connor, who was Rhys's owner prior to me.  While we were there, she lent me Rhys's harness, so we can start harness training and driving while saving for a harness of our own, I can't wait to get it all cleaned up and fitted back to him, very exciting!!

Then on Sunday, we headed back out to Capitol Forest, with our niece, Shaylise.  Shaylise is now 11, has had some bad riding experiences in the past (not riding with me, but taking lessons at another place) and so is only now, very slowly starting to gain a little confidence riding.  I was hoping she could ride Lyra (as she's Shaylise's horse, kind of), while I ponied her from Epona, however Lyra was a bit energetic about going on a trail (really think she's going to do well in a more competitive trail ride type event), so Shaylise rode Epona while I ponied from Lyra, which worked well. 

Iris (my two yr old German Shepherd) and Gavyn (my coming one year old Shepherd/Akita) came along for the trail ride, they did quite well, Gavyn mostly hung back with Brandon, who took all the pics and rode his mountain bike for the trip.  Iris hung off Lyra's hind left leg. 

There were a few people out target shooting, always a little scary, Epona and Lyra seemed pretty ok with it.  We also had a red shouldered hawk swoop down behind us at one point, weighted down a lot by a red squirrel in their talons, was a remarkable sight, although neither horse was entirely sure about it, they just looked, nothing more.  At the end, we tied Epona to the trailer, I then let Lyra out to trot and canter some up and back on the trail, and then, Shaylise was able to hop up on Lyra and get to ride her a little, which was awesome!!, such a great thing for her to get to do.

All in all it was a GREAT weekend!!  Oh!, and I have an offer from my instructor, and new 'Boss' to bring Rhys up to her arena for us to get lessons together from her, so I hope to start doing that in the near future, need to get that boy and myself riding as one and him comfy in new environs enough to actually be able to do well enough to make a good impression at shows later this year, which, those are coming up, Eek!  I will try to post on those once they start, hope to get up twice a month at least, will see how that goes, very exciting though!!
Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!  It was over 70F, sunny, and just perfect!! :-)


  1. I just love your photos. They capture the beauty of early spring in your area. Also, the picture of you and your neice is precious! I like the filly on the right; something about that beautiful intelligent face grabs me.

  2. Thank you Susan, that filly is Xandra, my soul twin or heart horse, I absolutly adore and love that one, glad you 'see' her too. :-)
    and yes Spring is well on it's way here, I love it!, have been getting buzzed by Hummingbirds even!

  3. Nice shirt! Go Heather, Shaylise, Epona, Lyra, Brandon, and the doggies too!


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