Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our First Ride

Time to learn how to ride (or be ridden). This weekend I trailered our 3 year Curly gelding, Khatmoondhu, up to my trainer's place and we had our first "colt breaking" session. We did lots of ground work first, walk-trot-canter transitions, getting used to the tack, and flexing his head
and disengaging the hip. None of this was new to him, he just had to get used to doing it in a new place.
And then I was too chicken to ride him totally alone, so the trainer's wife lunged him for our first ride together and we did walk-trot-canter on the lunge line one way and then the other. And then it was time for our first ride! We did it! No bucking, rearing, falling, just some general confusion on both our parts but we managed to walk-trot-canter around the arena one way and then the other.

I rode him in full western regalia - heavy saddle, breast collar, crupper, double cinch-thingy and a halter & lead rope. He was like a model horse and we have our first ride under us.
We'll be taking it really easy this year, but it was good to introduce him to his purpose in life.
On another note, Traveler and I have signed up for our first recognized USEA three-day event. We will be competing over Mother's Day weekend in Rainer, WA. Good lord, I have butterflies in my stomache just thinking about it. I'll keep you posted.... This weekend we try our hand at the eventing course at Deep Creek in Medical Lake, WA.

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  1. Ahhh!!! Congratulations on riding Khatmoondhu, very exciting!!!! And...I'll be at that event also, only just watching, don't have anyone at all ready to go compete in it. If it's the same I'm thinking of, that is the same place I just looked into to start taking Rhys to on a more regular basis, the Northwest Equestrian Center and Diamond S Farm. Nice place, I like the owners. So we'll have to meet up there, although I'm sure you'll be super busy, so I'll try hard to find you! :-) Yeah!!!!


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