Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chill Time

Owen had a good, long tractor ride with my Dad tonight while they fed the cows, put hay out and levelled out the fast-drying pasture. So, that gave me a great amount of time to spend with Linus! I have been tying him to the stock trailer to groom him. Its conveniently located right outside his paddock and I have been keeping my grooming kit in there so it gives me a chance to get him used to the banging of the trailer doors.
Linus look so shaggy and homely tonight before I groomed him. I thought the worst of his shed was over! But it did make me wonder if those of you who have curly Curlies find they shed this much?? Once I found my horse again under all of that shag, I took him for a walk up the driveway and then onto a large, open grassy area so he could chow down. He is respecting me so much more now when I'm leading him. I love it. It was really great to spend some time just chilling out in the field with him. He played with the dogs a bit and doesn't even flinch when cars, tractors or any other vehicle goes by.
Before I put him away I walked him to the house with me to turn the water off. The tap is right beside the front steps and had I been faster with the camera I would have had a great shot of Linus on the front steps to my parents' house!! Maybe its a good thing I didn't, not too sure how impressed my Mom would have been....she wasn't massively impressed when I had my 4-H heifer on the front steps many years ago!!!
Today was a great reminder that sometimes it's great just to chill with our equines!

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