Friday, April 2, 2010

A disappearing March - April arrives with SUN !

February dragged on forever for me and March -- wow, where did it disappear to ? But with all the cold and miserable rain - I guess I am glad the month is gone. Not only did Zoe and I have to sneak in rides between lessons but also in between rainstorms.

We had a great trot out with Keri and Reverie (Zoe's Day Dream) one quite chilly but sunny day.

Seems many neighbors had the same idea -- soak up some radiant rays on a walk-a-bout.

I asked these young knights in training what they were up to -- "a quest !" they replied. Keri agrees... she loves a quest also , but wonders ... do all the neighbors own a black lab ?

Zoe snapped a nice close up of the big tom who wanders our surrounding woods and roads. Reverie is making a nice photo horse - standing quite still for pics.

I made a short video to show Reverie's comfy sitting trot - which she can maintain for a goodly distance. What a nice mare she is ! :)

After a few days of torrential cold half freezing rain.. we were anxious to get in the saddle again. Not sure where to go, with flooding everywhere. Turned out, we just trotted and cantered on the back roads and a little trail with Keri and Elektra. Zoe decided to use the Cashel saddle. Elektra loved it -- a completely free shoulder. Lately she has not loved Zoe's saddle.

Back country roads are plenty muddy.

We detoured onto a snowmobile trail for a change of scenery.

Keri and I practiced jumping this ditch on cue a few times while Zoe had to take a call.

This is the same little trail Nimue drove on when she went over the snowmobile bridge... she pulled the cart right over this ditch. Made for a bounce that day.

One of my favorite spots to walk in water... but not today. The water rushes through a smallish 'tunnel' built into the stone wall. With the force of this rushing water, I am surprised the wall holds up.

Not a terribly exciting ride - but loads of fun anyway -- Zoe felt some thigh burn on return for sure !

Monday - the pony filly we have been waiting for finally arrived... not that the birth of a foal is particularly RAC noteworthy... this one might be ! On April Fool's Day -- she visited the obstacle area and performed for the RAC obstacle challenge.

Here's OYY Oona checking out the tire -- with plenty of room to 'spare'. :)

I am hoping I will have time this spring and summer to drive Sharona with her daughter beside.

Reports look good for great weather -- so we are planning to get up onto Mount Ephraim this weekend.. plus a few other journeys out and about.

Enjoy ~ and Happy Easter !

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