Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting to know Mr. Mozart, all over again.

Hi All,

I'm rather dead tired, but wanted to make an update here. I wanted to share with you all a video we made today. This is my third ride on Mr. Mozart (Clooney) after he has returned from the trainers. Mr. Mozart was originally brought under saddle about 5 years ago, by myself working with our western trainer, Walter Lukas. Due to an injury from a fall (not Mr. Mozart) I have worked now 3 years getting back into shape and riding again regularly. It was an opportune time to get Clooney working again, this time with a Classical trainer. Clooney has learned many new things, including going forward calmly but with momentum, work in the walk, trot and canter, and some shoulder-in and traverse. We will continue to maintain and improve his training over time. This was my third ride, and shows just a brief part. Later in the session I worked in the trot, on turns, etc. In this clip, we are getting to know each others signals, and working on a shoulder-in which we accomplish briefly. We did better the previous days, but then I wasn't working with a camera man asking me all sorts of questions, and didn't have two strange horses riding up in the distance to distract us. As Mr. Mozart is a stallion, I dismounted to wait for them to go by before continuing. In any case, it is a start. Enjoy!

Video: Getting to know Mr. Mozart


  1. Lookin' good!! What a beautiful boy and he appears to be very much in tune with you! Congrats on being back in the saddle!

  2. Hi Donna, thank you so much.

    I've actually been in the saddle for a long time, but the process of building up strength and also confidence has been a long one. I'm confident in riding our trusty Warrior bred mare, who has taught many many students over the years, and have worked with a mare that needed some confidence help herself now for years. But, it was hard for me to get used to working bigger moving horses in faster gaits, especially the stallions. A couple of years ago, I worked with the present trainer riding on one of their 20 year old stallions in the canter with no hands to overcome some of this (on the lunge of course!) It's been a long process. While Mr. Mozart was in training, the trainer himself misjudged a situation, put me up and in the canter I flew again, but didn't injure myself (too badly). It's a matter of me continuing to practice my seat, basically. A long road, but I'm getting there.

  3. The video was fantastic! I loved the way he was listening to you. The scenery is so beautiful there.

  4. Thank you, Susan! I wanted to keep the original sound, because it is quiet and birds are tweeting, and then my husband says loudly, "Why is he turning his head to the left?" which then of course got a reply from me, "Because he is supposed to, when he does it!" and so on :) So, the atmosphere of the birds tweeting and the quiet lovely Alps sort of got broken up and I decided it is probably better to have sweet music instead.


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