Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day, Ride w/ Me - COLD!

Hi all ---

Well unfortunately, I am the first back in from the group. Here in upper Michigan it is -10 wind chill (f) and 7 (f).....I didn't last but 30 min. Brrr.....It was such a hoot talking to Susan L, Diane R and Carrie W!!! You go girls! I texted Heather, but not sure she had service. Can't wait to hear their report of their rides!

Reese and I rode around our yard, arena and round pen today....bareback w/ halter. We worked on some simple halting square, pivots, shoulder in and lateral work. Ruby was bouncing all over and around us like a little jack rabbit! Little stinker...but Reese was calm, tuned in and SO darn good. Ziggy was in an uproar too the whole time, whinnying...what's with that...silly boy. We hardly went out of sight! Anyway -- sun was shining and it was delightful to get out.

Let's do this again! Did anyone else make it out? Betsy and Zoe? Betsy, I would have called you but I didn't have your number programmed into my cell! =]

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  1. CRISPY WEATHER IN MICHIGAN TODAY! I don't think I would have braved it ~ you did great, and I love the picture!


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