Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunset Ride

The date says spring, but heck it's Maine so it was COLD for our ride today. AhD was very forward and willing to GO! I had to keep that energy in check, and it was quite a job. Nonetheless, a fun job. Ian was riding Mister with only a saddle pad, and Mister was likin’ it and offering to trot everywhere, including down hills. Ooops, Ian fell off, and AhD jumped, probably wondering what the heck??? just happened??? I dismounted and boosted Ian back on, and away we went. The sky was beautiful and the air was brisk! On the way back, Ian and Mister cantered ahead around the bend of the trail, and my pony thought that was cause for great alarm. It was a great teaching opportunity, and I took advantage of it, showing AhD that he would survive. I was pretty darn proud of my Curly for listening to me through those very tense moments. Later on, we heard some crashing in the woods, and lo and behold, saw a couple deer bounding through the trees, and then a few more following them. The deer went in a semi-circle around us, allowing us plenty of opportunity to glimpse flashes of white and brown flying beauties. (ahem, two hands on the reins, no hands left for the camera, sorry) It was the first time for Ian to actually get a good look at deer firsthand in their true environment. Shortly after that, I took the slipping saddle pad off Mister’s back and carried it. AhD wasn’t too sure about that big floppy western pad alongside him at first, but I convinced him it was ok. What a good boy! A short ride, but one full of fun, giggles, teaching opportunities and successes.

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  1. Susan,
    I had a hard time looking at the saddle you are setting on, was that a fake one!!! I am impressed whith the control you have take over you horse and am proud of you for your work and strength in him.
    I expect to see pictures of the deer next time.
    like you hat


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