Sunday, August 11, 2013


Wow, what a ride yesterday!  Of course all my rides with Sunny are fun but lately we have been 'schooling' more.  When I bought Sunny, he was just supposed to be a trail horse... but after he was going beautifully in 1 month of my unproffesional training... I realized that this horse had enormous potential.  His potential exceeds my knowledge sometimes but we are getting there, together.  It's been 9 months since I bought him and what a great time we are having together!  After a long muddy, wet spring - that we rode in everyday ;-) Then a nice summer that we rode together everyday ;-) And enjoyed evening bareback rides with our five dogs :-))  I figured it was about time to move forward with some skills training.  It's a tonne of fun - after we got over our boredom of the ring - we have been progressing though some elementary schooling stuff.  Fun.  It had been 2 weeks since we had really gone for a long ride.... well, yesterday, husband gone for the weekend, kids gone for the night with Grandma.... what's a girl gonna do..... hmmmm?
Call up the neighbour endurance rider and spend the rest of the day riding!  We are very fortunate to live in the LaRose Forest in Bourget, ON.  We have trails galore and even trails dedicated to horses.  So, I rode Sunny down the road (even realized my dog had followed....arg... put him on the 4 foot rope I had and dragged him along side Sunny - that was fun on the road...) arrived at Kelsa's house, dropped the dog off there, said Hi to her Arab horses and off we went.  We decided that we were going to go all way to the end of the horse trail on the West side... hmmm, 10km.  Well, we did it and then of course we had to come back!  So, after a quick grazing break for the ponies, off we went back.  I did I mention it was a trot / canter pace both ways!  Wow!  I think it was the ride that most people picture when they dream about trail riding (although there we no mountains to climb and look over the great valley... lol) there was water, 6 wooden bridges!, forest, open trail, ups and downs.  It was beautiful.  And we just rode and rode.  Trotting and talking and then going for long, long canters.  I'm 'feeling' it today - but SO worth it! 
Sunny was a super star, kept up with the 6 year old Arab mare without problem.  There were a couple of times where the horses needed to stop and take a look at something spooky but never any big spooks :-))  What a ride!

I didn't take any pictures yesterday but I found one of the two chestnuts :-)  That is Kelsa and Sasha and Sunny's neck. 
And then a picture of Sunny's face - just for fun :-)) 

Cyndi & Sunny in Ontario, Canada
p.s. I wore my T-shirt too!


  1. Wow what an awesome ride!! It's so great that you're able to ride so much!! Sunny sure sounds like an amazing fella!

  2. Wow, what a long ride! Sounds perfect! Lots of obstacles and beautiful scenery, great horses, great company...and you even got to go different paces. Cantering is so much fun! Sunny must be pretty fit to keep up. You must be so proud of him. Bet you built muscle on this ride, that is why you are sore today. :)


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