Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where's the Cows??

Today was a pretty rainy day off and on. But, I was so determined to go for a ride that I didn't care. Once work and the chores were done I grabbed my bareback pad (not bringing my saddle out in the rain!) and hackamore and off I went! Linus was eager to go and was tacked up in no time!
The cows were way back by the bush in the back pasture and we have one very late to calve cow that I wanted to go check on. Most of our cows calve out in January - February. Agnes is forgiven for being late - she's a sweet old 4-H cow and will be worth the wait!
I had opened the gate before tacking Linus up but left the fence on so it was snapping on the ground (electric wire) Linus could hear the snapping but put his trust in me and calmly walked through. We haven't been through here for a long time so he was curious and when I finally said "Linus where's the cows" his head went up and his ears were forward and off we went to find the cows. He got a bit sidetracked when Allie did her performance but was soon back on task and made a beeline right for the cow I wanted to check on. He wanted to drive her but I didn't want her getting riled up so I let him circle a few cows and then we rode back up. He's such a fun horse to ride when he's into what we're doing and he REALLY gets into working the cows!
No pictures because of the rain but I am very proud of how my boy behaved today. I tell him to take extra care of me when I'm bareback and I swear he does! Allie ran up bucking and farting and having fun when we skirted their pasture on the way back and you could tell Linus could have gotten into it too but he kept himself in check and was so good!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. Now that's the spirit riding and looking for cows in the rain BAREBACk ;-)

  2. Spot-on, Marion! I like that he trusted you past the snapping wire. That is enough to make any horse tense.

  3. Oh Donna, I used to think the horse was a little spoiled by you but now I think he spoils you,, All I can say is job well done Lady


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