Saturday, August 10, 2013

Promoting the curly horse...

Today we went to a very big event, it was all about horses.
I also spoke to some people about the curly horses, verry nice.
Of course i couldn't go without my RAC tshirt.....

They showed also a lot off games people where playing 100 years ago, they placed a carpet behind some horses, you have to stand still on the carpet, then the horses start running and you have to stand still hahahahah of course everybody fall down.....



  1. Cool! Did anyone ask you about Curlies?

  2. Great promotion!! The carpet game sounds wild!

  3. yes i spoke with 5 people!
    next year i want to go there with Bucky or Cinderella, don't know yet.

    the carpet game is very nice, but i do think also dangerous, you can fall badly and hurd yourself.....but it looked very nice.


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