Thursday, August 15, 2013

3 times in one day!!

And it was NO chore!  LOL..  it was great!  I rode my Sunny 3 times today.  What a lucky person I am.  I hopped on him bareback first thing in the morning.  Practiced some circles.  Then the kids hopped on and rode him out to his grass.  Later today, I got on him (a little more seriously) and worked in the ring.  There is progress but I really wish I had an instructor!  There are a few things we are trying to improve but I'm not sure we are progressing as fast or as well as we would if we had professional help!  Afterwards, my little one got up and rode him around on line :-)  Super cute as she wanted to even 'jump' the log today!  She's 2! 
Then tonight, after the kids were in bed, I went out, threw the saddle on him and went for a trail ride with my 5 dogs.  One dog which is due to have puppies next week!  We went down to the local closed road but someone was zooming around on their 4 wheeler.  So we headed back to our place and did some trails at home.  All good!  Loads of great canters and even getting our correct leads!  Big for us! 
I think he will sleep good tonight.  Me too! 
And each time I went to get him, he came to me willingly and tonight, he walked me to his gate... LOVE my horse!

Oh yeah!!!!!!  I forgot!!!  We dug a pond on our property last week and I have had him in it but tonight we rode right into it together and up the other side!  I will have to get pictures :-)))  Can't wait to swim him next year!

Cyndi and Sunny in Bourget, ON. Canada

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  1. Riding your wonderful Curly three times in one day?? Sounds PERFECT to me! I am happy for you. Good luck with your litter, too.


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