Friday, August 2, 2013

It's been awhile

Like everyone else I've been so busy this summer riding my Curlies but I figured I best get a post out here to update every one.

At the beginning of June we went camping for my birthday.  I decided to take Theo because we had just rebred Abby.  He was great in his pen as long as another horse was near but didn't do so well on the trails.  It must be those gaited bloodlines but he walks so fast that I'm constantly having to work him in circles or halts and backing so we don't leave everyone in the dust.  I think just more time out would help but I like to relax and enjoy the scenery on trail rides so I think he won't be joining us anytime soon for camping.
I decided to focus more on jumping and getting the courage to try eventing....and I'm addicted!
Theo is awesome at it and behaves pretty well galloping through the fields.  As long as I'm riding hard and tell him to jump something he will.  I have a problem with not following through the last few strides so we get a few halts on new jumps but I know the cure now and just need practice.  We rode with Kim Severson at the end of June and I've been doing allot of clinics.  We competed at our first mini event last week and placed 3rd!  I was very happy with his performance and although we messed up parts of our dressage test we only had 34.5 faults.  He has really become the athlete I knew he could be and seems to really enjoy jumping.  In fact he will pull you over to the jumps even if your just doing flat work.  Silly horse.

Abby did not take either time we tried to breed her so she is back in driving training.  I plan to take her to the Midwest Horse Fair and I hope to drive her during our demo.  I am going to start working her over jumps as well for exercise and to help me just get more experience. I've started only trotting her while I ride to help build the muscle she needs for driving and I want to do some beginner eventing with her as well.

Here are some pictures from our summer so far.  I realized I have no photos of Abby so I need to get working on that.


  1. Good to hear from you! Sorry about Abby; you must be disappointed. I liked your pictures and sounds like you and Theo are doing well. You two sure look good together!

  2. Rock on !!!! breeding can be tough (and very expensive) perhaps there is a better time and place? it is disappointing I know.

    Do remember to sign up for the CSI stuff......and we want to hear all about your adventures eventing....Love to hear about Abby in driving training too ;-0

  3. Theo sure is looking good. He seems to have so much more confidence since last year!! All your hard work is paying off!! : )


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