Monday, August 5, 2013

Civic Holiday!

My car, a Honda Civic, had the day off today for our "Civic Holiday" here (hee, hee, hee, but it is really a holiday here today) so Owen and I had some riding time with Linus instead of driving! I wish I had taken some video because Owen got on, put his feet in his "giddy-up" stirrups, flapped the rope reins and said "Let's Race!" HA HA HA Owen, do not forget what horse you are on! Linus turns into an old slug with Owen on him, which as his mother, is totally OK by me!! Really though with his confidence and seeming natural ability in the saddle I am now searching for a youth saddle that will suit Owen and Linus. I have leads on 2 already so hopefully it won't be long. 

Are they not the cutest team!

Owen "walked" the barrel pattern. He loves Linus so much!


After Owen dismounted it was my turn. I had been using one of my leather reins to lead him so I swapped it to the saddle horn when I mounted to see if showing Linus it was there would motivate him a bit to come out of his sun sleep daze. It did work. I am sure you all know I would never really slap him with it, just showing it to him is enough. It really worked well having it there and I dare say my red man has been getting away with acting sluggish for too long. He's got it in him and now I know how to get it out!!

Saturday, we had a very horrible session!!! Linus was grumpy because Allie was in heat and he couldn't turn around with her sticking her tail up in his face. Because I was riding in the front pasture she was loose with us. It was the best spot for footing so that's why I rode there. I was frustrated with her as was Linus so we made the best of it and then ended it. There's not really anywhere to tie her out there and in the mood she was in she would have probably just raised more fuss anyway - mares! ugh! lol

Today went much better. Linus was awesome and responsive. He did his barrel runs really well and I can really feel him getting ready for the turns around the barrels. He is a very tight turner!

I use a little cart to carry my tack and brushes out to wherever I am tacking Linus up so Owen decided to "ride" back too! It was pretty funny!

He had quite the ride back up to the house to put our things away!

Saturday morning I worked at the Post Office and someone mentioned having cycled by the farm and didn't realize that Linus was a Curly. So I got to explain to her that yes they had smooth coated Curlies and I was very lucky that mine was born a smooth coated boy or I never would have had the chance to own him! So, I too as a non-comp was able to get some imaginary points for that one along with Susan! 
And because of the wonderful cooler weather we've had I also wore one of my Incredible Curly Horse hoodies this afternoon too!!  YAY non-comps!! : )

Donna, Owen and Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. So cute! And don't you just love, love, love that Owen and Linus get along so well? Ah-D has always loved Ian. I have this little video that my daughter took of Ian farting around in the paddock with Ah-D in April one year. Ian brought Ah-D over to a rock and jumped aboard. At first Ah-D was shocked ' "What 'r ya doing? You ride Al!" but he warmed up to it fast. Al came over and bit Ah-D. Too funny!! I think you need to get a Curly pony for Owen so you two can go out riding together with Grampa.

  2. Donna, I use an old army saddle sometimes for Jed, they are light and most have a 14 inch dish and smaller straps for the stirups and the young children can work well with them. they are actually a comfy saddle,,, Oh yeah Linus is still an awesome horse,,, I do like your pictures by the way

  3. Too funny Susan!! I can picture your story about Ian hopping on bareback!! And yes I absolutely love that Linus and Owen get along so well!
    Thanks for the tip Harold that's a good idea!!


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