Monday, August 26, 2013

finally some time to ride...

the wetter is stil perfect never had a good summer like this in the Netherlands...not that i can remember!

so i saddled Cinderella and went outside, my pictures are not that good, but i didn't had a buddy to make some.....
a nice ride in the Woods.....

on our way to the Woods....
amost there 
in the woods 
the way back 

after that ride i walked outside with bucky, who has a very hard time missing his girl friend!
home sweet home!
whene we where getting out off the Woods the garbage truck came our way....
because i do think the horses wil be scared of the truck,(a big jellow noise truck)
i turned back into the Woods and wait till the truck to pass by.
i know it sounds stupid but is there anybody else who does the same?? ;)
thanks for watching and reading

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  1. Actually, Marjolein, you look to have some nice weather there in your neck of the woods, good way to handle the horse if you are uncertain, besides it is whatever works best for you, nice pictures glad you had a good and safe ride,


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