Sunday, August 18, 2013

Keepin' On

Last weekend I played around quite a bit with the bareback pad with Linus. What an ab workout that is!! But so much fun. Up until now we have had a wetter than usual spring/summer. But, things are starting to dry out a bit more and I can now ride in some places that I usually do in the summer.

Susan tagged a nice picture of some red and black Angus for me so here is one for her! I took it from the saddle through the trees. The closest is our yearling bull. 

Dad and I delivered 5 bull calves to a farm about an hour and a half away. The slider was open on the trailer door while I was riding Linus. I took him over to investigate and see what he would do...he tried to walk on the trailer with me on his back!! I haven't loaded him for some time now but at least I know if I have to it sure won't be an issue!

Back up Linus!

Then we went to check out the old tractor. It's older, but new to the farm. Just for convenience of running wagons and smaller equipment. It was thoroughly investigated too...

Doesn't he have a beautiful tail?! I just brushed it out so it's pretty wavy. It does curl sometimes!

I didn't have the time to zoom and crop these pictures. I will have to get my photographers all trained up again I guess!

I asked my hubby to take some of us trotting so I have some "action" shots with Linus for a change. His reply was "HA HA HA, action shots.... of Linus!" 
On that note, Linus has been doing extremely well with his trotting and with his cues to trot too! Most of the time I don't even have to squeeze him at all. I can tell him with a change to my seat and a "kiss" that it's time to pick up the pace. He's getting really good at this!

He was really good about riding with Griffin playing on the tire swing. He was curious about it and gave it a good sniff. 

Linus and I have been trying to have as much fun and riding time as possible. I took him all over the farm today. He didn't even look for Allie when we were totally out of her sight. Kind of makes me wonder if I made a gate to the adjoining fields in those directions if that would work better than conquering the driveway! She called for him and he did no more than flick his ear in that direction for a few seconds. 
I have to relay a funny story that I wish I had on video. My Dad brought the horses from the front to the back pasture the other night. He threw their grain into their buckets before he went to fetch them. They were all the way out by the road and usually come at a full gallop. The dew was starting to set in pretty heavy. Allie was on pretty firm ground and took off. Linus was on a bit of a wetter spot and tried to take off from 0 to full tilt! Well, Dad said he looked like a cartoon with his legs moving and him not!! Then when he finally did get traction he nearly forgot about stopping at the other end!! I wish I had been there to see it! I can picture it perfectly clear though!!

Today, we dedicated our ride to a good friend who lost his 27 year old Percheron mare. Ivy will be sorely missed but he is thankful to have a yearling filly out of her. 

Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. Looking good, like the "action" shots.
    Sorry for the lost of your friend his percheron.

  2. Nice cows! I really like the part about Linus offering to walk on the trailer with you on his back. Is there anything he won't do for you??? I am glad he is conquering his buddy sourness. Makes life so much easier!


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