Monday, August 19, 2013

Markus Duscher course

Well, what a fun day it was yesterday.

My friend asked if I would join her for a course with Markus Duscher, a trainer who has similarities to Walter, our trainer that passed away several years ago. He uses a combination of several riding styles which he has studied over the years, including western and classical. The mares went out to the ranch where the clinic was held the night before to acclimatize, and we arrived in the morning yesterday, where several riders at different levels gathered. A lot of nice people, and a relaxed atmosphere added to the enjoyment of the day.

We came on at midday for the first 1.5 hour session. Everyone was facinated by the Curlies, which they had never seen before. Lark and Diamond were our choice this time, and I think I'll bring Clooney sometime in the future when another course is held. We worked on shoulder-in, travers, backing straight, rounding up, hand positions, using our feet, starting the gallop correctly, and for me working on loosing fear from the gallop since my accident several years ago.

After a wonderful lunch at an inn, we headed to the town for a break. There was a Street Fest with lots of beer tents, games, firemen competitions traditional dancing and so on. We did a tour through to stretch out legs and get a big waffle cone of icecream (three scoops and feeling guilty!) We then headed back to the ranch to start our afternoon session at about 5 p.m. The girls did good, Diamond especially, as she has been in training for a while now, whereas Lark the old school horse for kids was rather miffed at having to do real work like bending and galloping! All in all, we learned a lot, and I look forward to setting it into motion here.

Sadly, the lady I asked to take pictures didn't have a steady hand and they are blurry, but no matter, here you go!



  1. Way to really get back at it Karen! How did it feel to be galloping again?

  2. I just love clinics! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and conquered some fears.

  3. Hi Donna and Susan, well, I've been working at galloping for a while now, so I'm still galloping but not effectively. I did no-hands gallop training a couple of years ago, and I do gallop on the straight stretches when riding out in the mountains and so, but it is not a proper seat, and as the trainer noticed at the clinic, I'm still working on managing fear. So, my gallop wasn't very controlled or nice, and that is what I want to get a grip on. He gave us some nice bending exercises that will help with starting the canter from a walk, and going back to the walk after the canter. Lark is fine on the trail, but get her working on bending or a canter from the walk and she's like, you want me to do WHAT? She's been a school horse for kids for so long, she's forgotten what a canter on the circle is :). And, I'm working on that too.

    1. Wow, that sounds like the PERFECT clinic for me because I am sure I am much worse than you are at the canter and gallop, and I would love to be a better rider.

    2. Susan, he is really great. And, he also speaks English, so it was really fun. When he thought I did not understand something, he repeated it in English. I get nervous with trainers, and get my lefts and rights mixed up and so that was funny too. Nothing like feeling like a school kid as an old fart! Anyway, it was really great. I just need to practice more. The farm is a lot of work, so I'm not getting in as much riding as I like, but I'm working on it! One step at a time, I'm getting slowly there. I'm loving the clinics though.


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