Monday, August 12, 2013

The cool feature for trail riding and Google Maps!

I wrote yesterday about me and Sunny's super long ride :-)  It was great and we are feeling better today!  The girl I ride with is a competitive trail rider and has a really cool feature on her phone that tracks, route - using google maps, time, distance and average speed.  Here is the link to our ride on Saturday
You can see where we went and check each 'leg' our ride.  At the bottom of the list is the distance, time and speed.  So neat!
Sunny and I rode about 2 kms farther because I rode to and from her house.  Which is about 1+ km each way :-)

Too cool eh! 

Cyndi & Sunny in Bourget, ON.


  1. Cyndi, yes, that is WAY TOO COOL! I want this!!! I am going to look into it. I had just heard about this a few weeks ago from a co-worker who is along distance runner. He is running 950+ miles, one for each veteran to be listed on a monument, and sometimes he carries a flag when he runs. This is how he keeps track of his miles.

  2. Well, isn't that nifty neatos! Now if I ever catch up to the technology age, I'll be all set! Denise, you need to get this for our rides! haha! On Saturday's ride someone asked how many miles we had went when we were resting for lunch and our leader said "Well, the park is 2 miles down the road from where we started." We just stared at her because we had been in the saddle for 2 hours. Something tells me we had done more than 2 miles wandering back and forth.

  3. What a cool feature!! That's a very nice story from Susan too! What a nice tribute.


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