Tuesday, August 27, 2013

where is the garbage truck?

As you know i am worried/scaret to meet the garbage truck on a ride outside...
i know very stupid!!!

i told my friend about my ride yesterday and she told me that i have to take more risk and meet the garbage truck, Cinderella is a verry sweet mare and very cool and relaxt in her head so she probably will not even look at the truck.
So she came to my place and decided that she and i where going to make a  trip, the same tour as the garbage truck does every tuesday between 10 and 12 o clock......
off course we also start riding at 10 o clock....

so we where on the road for almost 2 hours and did not see any garbage truck (Lucky me!!!)
they had some problems with the truck and that's why they passed our village 2 hours later as usual!
hahaha.....next time better for my friend :)


  1. Ha your horse is getting go good for you I bet the truck won't even bother her,, looks like you are having some great weather there, Thanks for the pictures

  2. Hi Harold,
    deep in my hart i almost know Cinderella will not bother her, but my first curly mare (before i got Cinderella)went completly mad whene the garbage truck passed by.....but we will meet.....sometime and then i know :)
    thanks for reader and awnsering!

  3. Nice pictures of you and Cinderella traipsing around town! If you know in your heart that Cinderella will be fine with the garbage truck, remember to think that in your head as well and RELAX. :) You two look great together. You will do fine, I know you will.

  4. thanx Susan.....to bad you live so far away...wish we could ride together!


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