Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rode the NE Washington Fair Parade..  All  3 horses  had their  first time  ride in it  together..  Kendahl  rode Rose,  Chrisinda  rode  Orion, and I  rode  Sage..  They  all  did  great.  We  had the  fire engines then royalty in front  of us and then the Kettle Falls  Float  directly behind us blaring their music.  Got  to love our  curly's!! Kendahl Showed Rose in the Fair  and  did pretty well ..  Her biggest accomplishment was a  grand in Suitability for dressage!!  Sorry for  sharing so many  pics.. the pic of the float is  the  one directly behind


  1. wouw great pictures, great job!
    you all look well in the parade..very tuff to join in!

  2. What awesome horses you have to participate in this parade! Everything looks very nice. What are the matching purple tees? Congratulation, Kendahl!

    1. Susan, the tee's Chrisy and I rode in are Team Pooch Parlor t's.. where we work.. it wasa double dipping so to speak. promote the curly and our job. :)

  3. Awesome!!! Never too many pictures! The horses look very comfortable and proud of themselves in the parade!! They look very fit too!

  4. Donna is very right, never too many pictures and the horses look great and comfy,, looks to be a job well done and with pride, thanks for sharing


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